Why Africans Need to Consider Beldex


Why Africans Need to Consider Beldex

Investing in cryptocoins became a heated debate among the people. Everyone follows different strategies to invest in crypto. Many of us will go according to word of mouth and suggestions from our friends to make our investment. Doing this kind of investment will be beneficial sometimes, but not all the time.
But then, how do you identify a project with potential? 
Before investing, one should go through the coin’s utility, scalability, price variations, upcoming developments, the team, and partnerships. It will give them a clear-cut idea about the crypto project. 
Beldex (BDX) is a privacy coin (Monero fork) that anonymises the user transaction and offers better privacy than any other privacy coin in the market. BDX coins are not only used for trading purposes, but people can earn passive income from them by staking, mining, validating, etc.
Other than this, Beldex is working to build a secure and privacy future for the people. Beldex is developing decentralised applications. These DApps help to prevent our privacy from being exposed to the outer world. Not only these but there are also many other privacy features on the Beldex ecosystem. With the Beldex (BDX) coin, people can have many advantages.
Issues We Are Facing on the Internet
In this digital world, people are depending on the internet for every need. Whatever you want you can browse on the internet and get the details of it. Internet browsing and chatting have become part of our life. 
But, the price you pay for that is your privacy. Have you ever seen ads that follow you around regularly? It all happens due to websites and applications tracking what you do. They will sell your data to big corporations and will start to promote their products and services.
Where is your privacy at this point? Browsing on the internet is not wrong because it has become our basic need. At the same time, you shouldn’t lose your privacy. It is the fundamental right of all. So to overcome this, Beldex is focusing on developing privacy-preserving DApps. 
How will we work on it?
Beldex focuses on anonymising your activity on the internet. Beldex DApps are built on the Beldex privacy blockchain to overcome privacy issues. In the Beldex privacy blockchain, all data is encrypted. No one knows your identity while you’re using DApps because to use the service, you don’t need to provide your name, phone number, e-mail id, or location. Users can download the DApps, create an account, and start using them. 
Beldex DApps Under Development
BChat is a private messaging application used to chat with others. Here the encrypted data will pass through the nodes on the Beldex Blockchain. Only the sender and receiver can see the actual message; others can’t get any information about it. The public key and a private key are initiated during the account creation. The public key is used to share with others for identifying your account. The private key is used to restore your account. The data will be stored on decentralised nodes in encrypted form, so no one can alter or read it.
BelNet is a dVPN service used to mask your IP address. Even a centralised VPN can mask your IP. But think, when hackers get access to these centralised VPN networks, they can very well see your IP. You will start to lose your privacy. In BelNet, your traffic will be routed through the decentralised nodes in the Beldex network. Furthermore, it is encrypted. 
Beldex Browser helps to get rid of ad-related issues. Whenever we begin to browse the internet, targeted ads follow us around. However, the Beldex browser doesn’t track or save your browsing data. So to secure your information, Beldex Browser helps you by blocking cookies, Javascript, and metadata.
Highlighted Beldex Privacy Ecosystem:
Beldex Privacy Protocol is used for secure transactions. In some cryptocoins, transaction history, the amount we hold, sender and receiver details can be analysed. Beldex Privacy Protocol is a protocol to anonymise the transactions made on other blockchains. 
Beldex Bridge acts as the cross-chain link between two blockchains. Beldex can’t be accessed on other blockchain platforms unless it is migrated as a token on their platform. So the Beldex bridge will help us by linking the Beldex blockchain with other chains. Beldex is already bridged to the Binance Smart Chain. The upcoming bridges are the Ethereum and the Polkadot bridge.
Flash is a second-layer transaction that helps to make the transaction fast. Generally, a transaction from one wallet to another wallet will take a few minutes of time. But in a flash, the transaction will be complete within a fraction of a second. 
Beldex is now moving towards the PoS architecture. This upgrade will help increase the scalability of the coin and reduce the transaction fee. The block generation time is also reduced. So people can earn more rewards by staking on their coin masternodes by the reduction of block time generation.
Wind-up declaration:
All these features will make the Beldex the best privacy coin. By buying a privacy coin, a person can relish many benefits. But, where do you buy BDX coins? On crypto exchanges. Yes, people can buy Beldex on BuyUcoin, STEX, Bilaxy, and BTC-Alpha.
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