Ron Skinner & Sons renews contract with INDICATA


Ron Skinner & Sons has renewed its contract with INDICATA’s used car pricing platform for a further two years.

Mike Jones, Ron Skinner’s head of buying, said: “After using the INDICATA system for over a year we would be lost without it. It has provided us with valuable insights at a time when the used market has been continually changing. We are always aware of which used cars are in demand locally and nationally with a good insight as to stock turn in the used market enabling us to set our retail prices competitively.

“It may mean changing prices daily in the current market which has already started slowing before Xmas or retaining our prices at their current levels. A modern used car business cannot survive without this level of data insight.

“The INDICATA data also provides an insight as to what is slowing down in the market such as Vauxhall product of late and a fall in demand for EV/hybrid product.”

Ron Skinner operates locations in Cardiff, Crosshands, Neyland & Tredegar and has up to 1,500 used cars in stock at any one time.

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