Rivian R1T no longer available with Max battery plus Quad-Motor powertrain


Anyone looking to purchase Rivian’s R1T electric pickup truck with the available Quad-Motor powertrain and 180-kwh Max pack battery will be disappointed as the configuration is no longer available. This applies only to the pickup as the Max pack was never available for the related R1S SUV.

This extends to R1T preorder holders who were informed this week via a letter that they’ll need to switch to another configuration. The Max pack battery can still be configured with the standard Dual-Motor powertrain, while the Quad-Motor powertrain can still be configured with the 135-kwh Large pack battery. In both cases the final price is reduced.

Rivian said the change will help simplify the production process as the company continues to ramp up numbers.

Rivian also said the Max pack battery in combination with a Quad-Motor powertrain with “additional capability” will be made available at a later date. While preorder holders also have the option of waiting for this new configuration, the delivery time might be a while. Preorder holders willing to opt for one of the existing configurations could see their pickup delivered as soon as early 2023, Rivian said.

For the Dual-Motor powertrain on both the R1T and R1S, Rivian is also preparing a performance upgrade. Rivian in January will announce a software tweak that is expected to boost output to around 700 hp and 700 lb-ft of torque, compared to the current rating of 600 hp and 600 lb-ft. The performance upgrade is also expected to drop the 0-60 mph time of Dual-Motor models from 4.5 seconds to 3.5 seconds.

The performance upgrade will only be available on new orders, at least initially.

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