Out of date information a barrier to EV adoption


Buyers are five years out of date when it comes to knowledge of EVs.

Decision behaviour research consultancy SKIM reports that most people think that a typical range for an EV is 150 miles, which in fact the average EV range five years ago in 2017.

A range of 300 miles, (which is achievable by many EVs today), would be attractive to 94% of consumers, but very few are aware that this is on offer.

Also, the number of publicly available EV charging points in the UK has increased more than 500% since 2017 with over 35,000 stations now available, and by 35% in the last year alone.

SKIM has said that as a result of this misinformation, EV adoption is slower than it could otherwise be, with many potential EV drivers making up their minds and rejecting the idea of an EV based on information that is years out of date.

As a result, it is now selling behaviour change, not new models, that can accelerate adoption.

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