Krown’s 3,010 NFT Set Is Due To Launch in the Coming Weeks

December 1, 2021 – London, United Kingdom

Krown is a collection of 3,010 limited edition NFTs. Users who own Krown NFTs are called ‘Krowned users,’ while users without an NFT are ‘unKrowned users.’ Krown’s NFTs serve as a club membership card across the metaverse.

With the advent of NFTs, immutable digital identities have become a reality – e nabling individuals to retain their persona across both physical and digital metaverse realms. Krown provides a chance to become crypto royalty, as new kings and queens in a decentralized world. Everyone deserves to feel like royalty, which may not be possible in the centralized offline setting.
Those who attain ownership of a Krown NFT will become a member of the exclusive Krown Kingdom, a club for rare art collectors, like-minded cyberpunks and metaverse royalty. Krown members (the Krowned) will oversee the Krown kingdom and preside over those yet-to-be members (the unKrowned), allowing them to look but not touch the glorious artwork of the kingdom.
Krown NFTs are an algorithmically-generated collection of animal aristocrats – a pe, dog, cat, horse and lama. There are 180 traits comprising, including background, aura, eyes, mouth, fur, clothes, hats and facewear. Each character is composed of a random assortment of traits, which generates 3,010 unique members of royalty in the metaverse.
Every ‘Krownder’ (Krown NFT founders) –  such as the art director of Krown, Ernestas –  has worked diligently to create the Krown collection.
Ernestas said,
“Each character works together to create a unique Krown kingdom. My personal favorite NFT is the ‘ghost lama,’ which is both cute and deadly, marching through the Krowned lands.”
Krown NFTs will be dropping soon here . If you want to be part of this project, make sure you follow Krown on Twitter and join the Krown Kingdom Discord .
About Krown
Krown is comprised of 3,010 limited edition NFTs. Krown NFTs act as a membership. As a Krowned member (NFT holder), you’ll join an exclusive club of rare art collectors, meet like-minded cyberpunks and gain a superverse persona across social media (Twitter, Discord, Reddit, etc.). Krown your world. UnKrowned users – those  who do not have a Krown NFT –  can view the NFT artwork but cannot access any of the above features.
Mason Peterson
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