CitNOW integrates with Saleforce app


CitNOW has become one of the first official Independent Software Vendors (ISV) available on Salesforce AppExchange.

The integration makes CitNOW Sales video functionality and reporting accessible from within the new Salesforce Automotive Cloud app, with CitNOW Workshop to follow soon.

All information about customer engagements, from initial enquiries to video watch notifications and historical activity, is shared across both services. Once a lead is received, sales staff receive an automatic prompt to send a CitNOW video, which will send the contact information into the dealership’s CitNOW Sales app to start the video creation process.

Alistair Horsburgh, chief strategy officer at CitNOW Group, said: “This integration is another step forward in our core aim of making life easier for retailers. In many cases information is captured and stored separately throughout the customer journey. By instead integrating CitNOW Sales with cloud-based technology offered by Salesforce, data can now be shared quickly and easily, helping sales teams to improve process efficiency and ensure they provide a personalised interaction with every customer.”

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