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As the industry starts to wind down towards the Christmas period, many dealers will be anticipating a seasonal dip in enquiries, potentially exacerbated by the current cost-of-living crisis.

However, the Christmas period is actually one of intensifying digital activity for consumers, and that presents an important opportunity for the motor retail sector to start 2023 on a positive footing.

Sprout Social analysed more than 457 million messages across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find out how retailers implemented their digital marketing campaigns through the 2021 Christmas season and discovered that social messaging frequency increased on all platforms.

The company highlights that last Christmas there was a 13% increase in the average volume of messages received per month via social channels compared to the rest of the year, and predicts that this will become 18% this Christmas.

The best way to set yourself up for sales success in 2023 is to keep your social media campaigns running over the Christmas period and into the New Year.

Crucially, don’t turn off your campaigns just because the showrooms are closed. Advertising on social channels means that your company remains front of mind for the customers you are targeting.

A study by Insider Intelligence found that 87% of online shoppers stated that social media helped them make a purchase decision.

And don’t imagine that these trends apply more to fashion, books and electronics, and not to motor retail. 45% of new car buyers admit to visiting a Facebook page while considering a purchase to get a feel for the dealership’s professionalism, 42% to read existing customer reviews, and 28% to communicate directly with the dealer.

Crucially, digital automation means your staff don’t need to be manning their laptops during their Christmas dinner. For example, by having the right tools and processes in place, you can automatically modify highly targeted vehicle adverts according to your evolving stock situation and any price changes.

While Christmas sees increased competition – and therefore cost – for social advertising among different brands, the increase in spend can be modest and easily capped. We find that campaigns across Instagram and Facebook are the most effective for dealers, and we advise that increasing your campaign budgets on these platforms by just a few pounds a day over Christmas can give you a competitive edge.

Whilst some may consider Christmas a seasonal ‘lull’, simple changes can increase lead volumes by reaching those car buyers taking advantage of the festive break to do their research. With lots of negativity around the predicted state of the economy over the coming months, now is the time to boost your social media presence and really drive customer engagement.

Jeremy Evans, Managing Director at automotive digital marketing company Marketing Delivery

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